Android KitKat for Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Unofficial)

There were a lot of rumors about Android KitKat and it’s features. There was a time when people were expecting the next version of Android to be Android key lime pie, however, late in September, it was made clear from Google that the new Android version would be Android KitKat and after around a month, Google launched Android KitKat officially with Google Nexus 5.

The features of Android KitKat suggest that this version of Android will be having very low system requirements but in an official announcement by Google, they made sure that Android KitKat update will not be unveiled for Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Well, Android fan base is huge and the number of people using smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also huge. People were really disappointed by this move of Google.

Android 4.4 Kitkat official wallpaper

Being an open source development platform, Android has given the freedom to the users to show their creativity by developing root and custom ROM for various devices and that became very useful.

Some developers at XDA are reported to have developed a custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The name of the custom ROM developed for Samsung Galaxy Nexus isĀ SlimKat Maguro alpha build which works on the GSM version of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. According to the users who have already used this custom ROM, there are not much issues with this custom ROM, however, there are some graphic glitches faced by them.

This ROM does not work with Verizon variant of the same phone, however, for Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus, there is another custom ROM developed by one of the well known guys at XDA developers. The name of custom ROM developed for Verizon variant is Shiny Android KitKat custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Nexus/

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