How to delete sent whatsapp messages older than 7 minutes

Whatsapp has recently rolled out an update which allows you to delete the sent messages to your contacts and even in a group. But there is catch here, you can only delete a text within 7 minutes of sending it.

Though this feature would help a lot of people in various ways, people are still not comfortable with that seven minute window. What if you have sent a text eight minutes ago and you would want the other person not to see it?

Well, there is way that would allow you to delete your whatsapp texts which are as old as a week.

Delete messages on whatsapp older than 7 minutes

In order to delete texts from your whatsapp which are as old as a week, you would want to follow certain steps :

  • Turn Off your Mobile data as well as WiFi. We have to block all the network possibilities for our phone.
  • After turning off your mobile data and WiFi, go to Settings and find the app section.
  • Here scroll down and find whatsapp and Force Stop it.
  • Now go to the Time and Date option in your settings.
  • Here you have to change the date to the day on which you have sent the text that you want to delete the text. For eg. Today is 2nd November. You have sent a text on 30th October that you want to delete. In this case, set your date as 30th October.
  • After changing your date, go to Whatsapp and select the text that you want to be deleted. After selecting it, click on Delete > Delete for Everyone.
  • After deleting the text, switch on your mobile data or WiFi.
  • Once you have network, the date will revert back to the original date. If it doesn’t changes automatically, you can do it manually.
  • Now when you will see the text in whatsapp, it would still show “This message was deleted.”

So there you have it. The text which was sent before seven minutes, can also be deleted from whatsapp.

Here keep in mind that, this option sometimes doesn’t work for the texts which are as old as a month. This is because when you try and set the date as old as a month, whatsapp will force you to revert back the date.

I hope you likes this trick. If you are facing any more difficulties relating to the deletion of text in whatsapp, write it in comment box. We at The Android Bulletin would get back to you as soon as possible.

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