Google Contacts new updates.

Google is rolling out a new version of Google Contacts. This version will be called as Contacts v2.7. According to reports, there are no any changes in the UI of the app. The new update by the Google is likely to fix some bugs. It will also line up the app for some new features. Users can also expect that the new update will add a brand new widget that will include a list of contacts. It is also expected that the update will include a clever tool that will suggest contacts to the users. These contacts will be based on sources like Google Maps and user’s corporate directory if they’re available.

In the latest version, the Cleanup Wizard, which was first introduced a couple of versions ago, is seen getting much larger. The Cleanup Wizard will also sport a broom, dustpan (with Google-colored grime), and even some dust clouds.

More in new updates of Google Contacts:

Following the new update, the Cleanup Wizard will now show a number of different types of suggestions to the users. These suggestions will mainly include adding details from Gmail and merging the matching contacts. It is also revealed that the update will also remind the user to add a name to the contact. With each contact that is missing a name, the Contacts app will check a few different things. This checking will be in an attempt to give a name to the person’s contact.

The new update for the app will also provide a new widget to the users. It will be called as “Contacts List“. The widget will allow users to add a list of contacts that they frequently use.

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