Google to launch Android Go phones at MWC 2018

Are you new to the smartphone age? looking at these gems of Technology not sure which to buy because of a tight budget? Need not worry now guys as Google has came to your rescue. Only today Google announced on its blog to introduce the very first version of Android go phones at Mobile World Congress 2018 going to be held in Barcelona.

It was only in December of last year when Google introduced Android Oreo(Go edition)- an optimised version of Android Oreo tailored for smartphones with 1 GB of RAM or less and with a small amount of storage and processing power. These phones will be less expensive for manufacturers to produce and can be sold at an affordable price, even in some cases less than $50.

In these phones Google provides you with high quality experience of the latest version of Android, Google Play protect, Google play apps optimised for the go version and these apps will be using less memory and storage space. Even if this wasn’t enough, you will be getting Google assistant for Android Go which lets you quickly send messages, make calls, set alarms and much more with your voice or a single touch on the screen.

In the coming week you will be looking at the very first sight of Android go phones and they will soon be available for purchase after that.

Life wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for Google. With an astonishing audience of over 2 billion active users, Android phones since their introduction 10 years ago have made our life easier and better. With the release of Android go, google yet again delivers on its core values of access and experience.

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