Google News to get a major change.

Google News is one of the number of ways that Google use to provide news to the users. Other ways include YouTube and Google Play Newsstand. Now, the Google is trying to put all of these services in one place. It has been reported that this service will be Google News. According to reports, the service is about to receive a major makeover. This makeover could be announced as early as next week. The most important changes will involve a fresh new design for the web interface. The change will also incorporate elements of Google’s digital magazine Newsstand app. According to reports, Google will also incorporate its Accelerated Mobile Apps technology in the service. The technology will help users to load web contents more quickly on smartphones

The revamped service is also expected to include the news section of YouTube. Google is also working to add depth to its content. It is trying to make better use of video already available on its network of offerings. According to an unknown source, the Newsstand app is likely to be replaced with an all-new Google News app. Google Newsstand app is currently available for Android and iOS devices. Newsstand pulls together news sources from around the world and lets users set up a daily briefing that delivers the most important stories of the day.

Google News:

Google News is a free news providing service provided and operated by Google. The service selects news from thousands of news websites and allows users to view it. A beta version of the service was launched in September 2002, and it was released officially in January 2006. Google News was getting news from more than 50,000 news sources worldwide as of 2013. The service supports more than 35 languages as of September 2015.

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