Google Pay is now rolling out for the web.

Google is now rolling out the Google Pay app on the web for iPhone, iPad, and desktop users. The users will start seeing the service when they will try to make a payment on a supported site. The service will work regardless of the browser or the device users are using. Users can easily save their card details that can be easily accessible to the user from all platforms. With this new move, Google is trying to close the gap with Apple Pay. In March an update for Google Assistant allows users to integrate the assistant with Google Pay. This integration will also allow users in the US to send and request money from their contacts directly using their voice.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet platform and online payment system developed by Google that allows users to make payments with Android. The app was developed by unifying Android Pay and Google Wallet app into a single pay system since 2018. The Android Pay app was initially released on September 11, 2015. The app contains a feature called Google Pay Send that has replaced the Google Wallet. This feature allows users to send money to others. To send money the app user needs to enter the e-mail or the phone number of the recipient and the recipient then must link that phone number or e-mail address to a bank account to access that money.

With the latest update, the service has expanded its scope. At the time of unifying the experience by replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with Google Pay, Google hinted the debut of service on all its products, including Chrome. But now, the search giant has ultimately brought the “Buy with Google Pay” buttons to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

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