Koala Phone Launcher for Visually Impaired, perfect for Older people


Smartphones, notably those with smaller display screen, are not the best option every time for those among us who hail from an older gen. People who are having vision problems, they rather go for a classic feature phone with hardware keys instead of smartphones. Due to the vision problem, they can’t even utilize the advanced technologies in their life.

But that doesn’t mean, visually challenged or Senior Citizens can’t use smartphones. Recently, an XDA Forum Member tomasslavicek has developed an app launched whose main goal was to transform an Android smartphone to be senior citizen-friendly.

The Koala Phone Launcher transforms the device completely for Visually Challenged people, the developer has included a clearer Watch face, Decimals and other basic UI elements in a larger size so that they can find the right option.

It also makes apps like the photo viewer, camera, or flashlight easily useable from the home screen, and the launcher can even read the incoming messages back to the user whenever they want to listen.

The Koala Phone Launcher for Android can help many people who hail from an old generation or visually challenged to call their friends, families and perform almost all the basic actions with a modern smartphone.

Key Features of Koala App Launcher

  • large QWERTY keyboard for SMS messages, or classic phone keypad
  • touch-optimized apps: simplified camera, photo viewer, alarm clock and a flashlight
  • text can be enlarged, buttons have a vibration feedback
  • speech recognition for SMS messages and text-to-speech support

If your parents still use those outdated Nokia phones, maybe it’s time for them to try something new.

To download the app on your Android, head over to the Play Store to find the all named “Koala Phone Senior Launcher” and install it on your device or else, just click below to directly go to the App download page over at Play Store.

The Koala App launcher can be installed on any Android, but it must be running the Android 4.0 or above. After installing the app, press the Home button on your handset and select the KoakaPhone.

You can even access your previous interface by going to Koala Phone’s settings and changing the “Selected interface”.

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