Lg offering it’s own security bulletin

Security is a surely big deal nowadays. Google offers monthly security patches and Samsung is doing the same thing, too. Not to be left behind, LG is now offering security bulletins starting with Google’s may update.On LG’s web-site, everyone now has the ability to see all of the vulnerabilities affecting their devices, as well as a link to Google’s own site. They are also grouped by severity, which is a nice touch. Ever since the Stage-fright scare last year, Google is really taking security more seriously, and other companies are just starting to follow.

There’s still another problem: carriers. It is great that LG and Samsung are making the effort to keep their phones up to date with the latest patches Google releases, but with the carriers having to check every patch that comes through, it could take all month to get the update.

Manufacturers have promised us updates before, but have failed to deliver. While it may be possible to install a custom ROM or the like, official updates usually drop off sooner than we’d like. So it’s just a matter of time  if manufacturers keep their promise to do monthly security patches and whether or not they will continue to update “old” phones once the new models are released.

It is good to see LG taking all important measures regarding their security and we can hope to see other joining the race soon too.

So, will LG rely on their promise? Lets us know in the comments section.

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