MoviePass to prevent users from watching same movie again.

MoviePass is a subscription service that allows users to see up to one movie per day for just $9.95/month. The service instituted a new change in its Terms of Service. This new change will now prevent subscribers from watching the same movie more than once. Now the new update will allow users to purchase only four tickets for the monthly subscription of $ 9.95. The post on Movie Pass official website says: “We recently updated our Terms of Service to reflect that MoviePass subscribers are only permitted to see a select movie in theaters once with your MoviePass. We hope this will encourage you to see new movies and enjoy something different!” The new change will affect both new and existing subscribers including those who pay on an annual basis.

The company has changed its model a few times since its launch. But most of the time it has kept one movie per day option for the users. The MoviePass app has been updated for Android devices to reflect the new terms of service. Now the app will gray out all the movies that users have already seen including a note that states, “You’ve already seen this movie.”

More about MoviePass:

MoviePass is the premier theatrical subscription service of the United States. The service allows users to see new movies in theaters in over 4000 theaters across the United States for one low subscription fee. For using the service the users have to just download the free app and sign up for the service. Upon signing up the users will receive their personalized membership card in the mail. After receiving the card users have to just use the app to search for theaters, movies, and showtimes. After checking all the details the user will activate their card. Upon activation of the card, the user can also just swipe their MoviePass card with a ticket agent or at a kiosk to get their ticket for the movie.

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