Nest gets integrated with Google Now, introduces Voice commands

Nest gets integrated with Google Now

Nest was already smarter than your average thermostat available in the market, coming with an app that serves as your mobile command and control center. But now that the hardware is integrated with Google Now, it’s even easier to work with the device. Just say the work, your Nest will start working according to the command but the only thing you have to say before saying the command is “OK Google ” that every Google voice app requires to active the Voice comment on a device.


We had the idea that Google is doing something like that to integrate with Google Now, but they will launch so early, it was not expected. According to the search giant, the Nest will respond on any voice commands like OK Google including, set Nest at, alter the temp, change the temperature to, turn the thermostat to, and almost everything in between you can say to your Nest to work.

Also, a Google Now card introduced that tells you when Nest is changing the temperature in your house. It should automatically kick in when it gets the senses of the house owner coming home.

GoogleNest Google Nest

If you own a Nest thermostat on you house, it is a very easy task to authorize your account with the device. You just have to go through the voice commands and the Google Now card separately, so make sure not to skip to step either of them.

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