A new announcement from Twitter: Group DMs and Built-In Video Capture and Editing is going to get added very soon

Twitter tab screen image

A recent tweet from Twitter confirmed the news that they are, very soon, going to add two brand new features to the list of already existing ones. Group direct messaging and in-line video recording and editing. Although the video thing bears a close resemblance with the short-form video sharing service, but the group DMs are new to Twitter.
Via the new DM feature, you can initiate a conversation with your follower, even if you both are not acquainted to each other. The messages passed in this thread will be viewed by everyone, barring the ones who are not in the same. Though new to Twitter, the concept started way sometime back.

Talking about the video recording, you adding a video in the Twitter app would be a very basic experience to mention. You can record more than one clip by pressing and holding the capture button. The upper limit of allowed time frame is 30 seconds and the editing interface will allow you to rearrange or remove the clips. Give this recording a share on your timeline by choosing an appropriate thumbnail for the same.

It would take a week’s time for the features being reached out to every one, but if someone else who has received the group DM update gets in touch with you via the same, you too can participate immediately. Videos will also work in your timeline, and hopefully, the future update will bring along the support for importing videos from the gallery to the Twitter app.

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