How to Project Android Screen to Windows or Mac PC

Smartphones and Computers have made us lazy and both have become so important for us in daily life that we can’t even breathe. If you calculate a rough time of daily use of a smartphone, its like a 24-hour a day. Whenever our smartphone battery shows critical battery notification and icon has gone red, at that moment we only think where to get the power source to charge it again.


If you are an IT professional and work for hours on your laptop or PC, you fill find this article a really worthy, as in this post we have mentioned how to Project an Android Screen to Windows or Mac or Linux PC so that you can easily work on both PC and smartphone simultaneously, also you will get live notifications if your smartphone gets a call or SMS or other happenings.

Suppose if you get call on your device and it is in silent mode, you will get notified on your PC directly, WhatsApp notifications have also been integrated with the app that lets you manage the messages directly from the computer.

Recently, an app called AirDroid 3 gets listed on Play Store that allow users to easily mirror their Android device’s Screen and manage the device’s notifications directly from the Laptop or Desktop. Follow the steps mentioned below to be able to use Android smartphone on a Windows or Mac or Linux PC by mirroring it.


Features of AirDroid 3

  • SMS: Send and receive SMS directly through your computer
  • Apps: Easily Import and export .apk files
  • Music and Videos: Easily Play music and video and transfer from PC to Phone or vice-versa.
  • Contacts: Manage Contacts from your Computer(View, Edit, Delete)
  • Clipboard: Share Clipboard content from your computer to the connected Android device
  • Files: Easily you can manage files of your device
  • Find Phone: Locate your Phone and when it is lost, if not found, just wipe all the data.
  • And many other features have been included that you will find worthy for sure.

Files to Download

How to Project Android Screen to Windows or Mac PC

  1. First download both the file, one for your phone and 2nd for your PC.
  2. Once after downloading the .exe file on your PC, just double click on it and begin installation.
  3. Now, for the first time, you need to create a new account to start using the app.
  4. For Phone, we have posted both Play Store Link and Download link, just follow the suitable one to get the app on your device.
  5. Once after installing the AirDroid 3 app on your Android device, just tap on enable button, it will ask you to login, use the same account you have created on your computer.

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