YouTube Kids : Parental control, child’s profile and more

YouTube Kids app was rolled out by YouTube in an attempt to make goo experience on the app for kids. Certain features on the app allows kids to stay away with the adult-related content. Under the app, parents have total control over what their kid is watching on Youtube.

Now, YouTube has launched an update for the kids app which will allow multiple kids use the same app with their own personalization and setting. Under this update, kids can make their personal profiles on the app and can keep away with other siblings.

This update would also allow the kids to use their personalized profiles on various devices. As long as the same google account is connected, you can switch to various devices and still have the same experience. The new update also allows kids to have a pass-code for their YouTube which keeps it safe from other siblings in the house.

What is has for parents?

The updates has brought various new features for parents as well. Now when you will put information about your child in the app, it will give you suggestions about the content that your kid will be watching on YouTube.

The official YouTube blog has written about this update and said that more is still to come. It has requested the parents to report and flag any video which they don’t find appropriate for the children. This will help YouTube make better experience for parents as well as kids.

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