YouTube Music getting new updates.

According to a post Google is releasing an update for YouTube Music soon. The update will add a “queue” feature and will redesign the full-screen player interface. The update has not landed on all devices yet.  According to an information on Reddit, the music streaming app will now allow users to arrange songs in a custom playback order. Earlier, users were only allowed to view the list of upcoming tracks, but they cannot edit it.

The app’s redesign is not an overall revamp but instead, it focuses on music playback and discovery. The new audio player changes are said to be quite intuitive. The app will finally resemble a traditional music player screen. Google has also updated the shuffle algorithms for the app. The update will make songs in the playlist view shuffle correctly. It will also allow users to see what track is next. All of these changes are fairly minimal. These updates fit perfectly with the recent rumors circulating around the Google’s music streaming plans. However, the update will have no effects on the Home, Library, and Trending pages of the app.

YouTube Music:

YouTube Music is a free, advertisement based music subscription service. The service is available on both Android and iOS. It was launched in 2015, and also comes with an ad-free option. The ad-free version is available through a subscription to YouTube Red. It is also expected that Google will be dropping its other music subscription service, Google Play Music, and migrate it into YouTube Music later this year.


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