YouTube TV now lets you choose between DVR and VOD versions of your saved content

YouTube is an American video-sharing website. One of the irritating thing in YouTube is that the saved videos in the YouTube TV are having unskippable ads in them. But, now the things are going to be changed. Some of the channels in the YouTube TV now offer you to choose between the different versions of your downloaded content through technology news sites.

1. DVR version: Stands for “Digital Video Recorder.”  DVR is basically a VCR that uses a hard drive instead of videotapes. DVRs conveniently save shows in a list that the user can access at any time. This version will have ads that you can skip while watching the video.

2.VOD version: A VOD (video-on-demand) is a past streamed content. VODs can help grow your channel and also allow your fans to watch content they may have missed otherwise. Moreover, this version will have the unskippable ads in them.  When content is designated as VOD, then it is permanently saved onto the hard drive of the player device. This means, the more VOD content, the more space is taken up on the hard drive.

About Youtube:

YouTube is one of the subsidiaries of Google. It is a video sharing website. It allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. Currently, youtube has 1.8 billion logged in viewers each month.

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